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In Ground Pool Removal


There are may reasons our customers choose to remove the pool.  Sometimes it is a structural issue and sometimes it becomes apparent that the pool, which was the source of so much joy, no longer fits your lifestyle.  Often times our customers decide they would prefer to remain in their home, without a swimming pool.

Demolition Process

Vandal problem


This vacant home became the hang out for Vandals 

Structural Problem


Once empty even a concrete pool can float given the right circumstances which can cause catastrophic problems

Preparing the Pool Floor


Th pool floor must allow ample drainage or it will hold water and become like a swamp

removing decking and walls


Removing Decking, Walls and Rebar  

Compaction and Dirt


Filling the pool and compacting the fill so there is not a lot of settling in the future

Final Grade


Final grade is returning the yard as it was before there was a pool

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