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Many homeowners worry about how the construction process will affect their homes and their lives. To ease your mind, we've assembled a step-by-step outline to help you know what to expect.

There are many things to consider in the designing of your pool.  Mike Smith the owner of Caribbean Blue Swimming Pools will work with you making sure that the pool of your dreams is the same pool that will be built in your back yard.  He will listen to you and understand how you plan to use your pool and your vision for your yard.  He will be mindful of things you might want to do in the future such as fountains, cleaners, water features or other amenities.  He will look at ways to make your hard earned dollars go as far as possible to fill the wow factor for your pool.  He will take into consideration any obstacles or challenges regarding your specific pool design.

Our goal in the construction of your pool is to do all of the preparations so well that the construction will be smooth sailing.  There are a few things that affect the construction of your pool, for us it is usually the weather.  One of life's little irony’s is:  that which gives us the most challenges when it comes to the construction of you pool is the same thing needed to fill it! 

One way we are different from other pool companies, we always try to remember that our work site is your back yard.  We will leave the area as clean as possible Every Day! 


Excavation and shaping of pool based on your specific pool design.
Preparation of deck Concrete footing and steel walls and deck bracing
Pluming Deck and floor completed
Completed Pool Install Liner

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